Urban Poverty

EFICOR is involved in three urban slums in Delhi. Many of those who live in urban slums have come from outside of Delhi, searching for employment in the big city. They are poor and uneducated and are often ostracised. Many do not have the identity documentation needed to claim entitlements. While the parents work long hours for minimum pay their children are left to fend for themselves. It is not uncommon to see preschool aged children left in the care of their school-aged siblings. Many of the children attend under-resourced and poor quality schools.  They are unable to get help with their school work as their parents are busy working and the cost of extra tuition is unaffordable. Sadly, it is not uncommon for the children from slum communities to struggle with their education and drop out of school. Unable to find any skilled work, they find whatever work they can – and the poverty cycle continues.

Our focus in these three urban slums is on:

Tuition Centres and Kids Clubs 
Our staff run tuition centres for children with the aim of providing support to the children in their studies. The Kids Clubs are specifically for children who have dropped out of school or for some reason have not enrolled in school. The children are taught basic spoken English, maths, hygiene, moral values and general knowledge. The aim of the Kids Clubs is to prepare the children adequately for reintegration into the schooling system.

Enabling Residents to get their Identity Documents and Entitlements 
We facilitate people to get identity proof documents and certificates. With legal documentation they are able to open bank accounts, apply for schemes and entitlements.

Life Skills Training 
We provide life skills training to individuals in order that they can secure a job.

Building Self Help Groups 
We encourage the formation of Self Help Groups and provide training...