Livelihood and food security

Many rural Indian households are dependent upon farm or non-farm related activities for their subsistence, often managing to make just enough to sustain their families. But over time, the non-sustainable exploitation of natural resources has eroded productivity, reducing their livelihood security and increasing their vulnerability. Add on to this, the increasing recurrence of natural disasters and the lack of alternative livelihood options you find that the many rural poor are being pushed towards abject poverty. They often struggle on, unaware of the govt entitlements that are meant to alleviate the pressure.  Some farmers give up on farming altogether and move to the city in search of employment. 

EFICOR assists in promoting sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable, tribal, rural and urban communities. EFICOR seeks to address the issues hindering development and to empower communities towards self reliance. We do this through capacity building, skill development, vocational training and through the promotion of small businesses. EFICOR trains farmers on the scientific method of farming, land conservation, and rainwater harvesting, with the aim of sustainably increasing their crop yield. We encourage and assist in the formation and strengthening of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and we link these SHGS to formal credit sources and government support in order to promote entrepreneurship.  In addition, EFICOR works towards providing clean drinking water which helps them to overcome health issues. We work to restore hope and dignity to the lives of farmers and labourers in vulnerable communities.