Climate Change Adaptation

The effects of climate change are already been felt now through an increasing number of heat waves, more frequent flooding and droughts, and changing weather patterns. For subsistence farmers this adds to the burden they already carry. Farmers are often dependent on the monsoon arriving in a particular time frame and expect a certain quantity of rain. They are not prepared for a changing climate. The consequences of climate change can be disastrous for farmers – ruining their crops, depleting their resources and forcing them into abject poverty.  Many farmers are losing hope and giving up on agriculture, migrating to the cities to find income, and leaving their families behind.

EFICOR builds community based methods to address negative impacts of climate change and facilitates community based practices to respond and adapt to actual or potential impacts of climate change. We strive to see farmers with a renewed hope in agriculture, earning enough to provide for their families and with extra to sell in the market. We want to see families living together and communities working together. 

We encourage farmers to diversify their crops and to plant seeds that have a greater resistance to drought. We teach farmers how to harvest and store rainwater.

EFICOR is also involved in advocating on the issues of Climate Change, focusing on mitigation and adaptation along with Climate Action Network – South Asia (CAN-SA).